Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Shortlist: Part 2

5) Rudest hack

·         Charles Arthur

·         Gary Flood

·         Giles Coren

6) Media budget cutter

·         Graham Harman, MD of business-technology at Incisive Media

·         Sly Bailey, CEO, Trinity Mirror

·         Geoff Wilmott, chief executive of Centaur

·         Jerry Yang, CEO, Yahoo

7) Up its own arse

·         Google's Zeitgeist conference
-- Queen whatsername from Jordan? What's all that about?

·         The "merger" of Computing & IT Week
-- Er, wasn't it a closure?

·         Steve Ballmer: "Vista is the most popular OS we have ever produced"
-- Come again? What metrics you working with there, Uncle Fester?

8) Wank 2.0: User-generated twat

·         Ben Hammersley, deputy editor of Wired UK
-- Blacklisting PRs? Outrageous. Is Tim Dowling's Ben Lagen really Ben Hammersley?

·         Jeff Jarvis, author of Buzz Machine & Guardian columnist
-- Whining New York professors coming over here, telling us how to run our media? No thanks mate

·         Richard Bailey, lecturer, Leeds Metropolitan University (PR Studies)
-- A platter of self-promotion garnished with essential oils of arslikhan

·         Richard Millington
-- Still at it. Working with Seth Godin. FeverBee? WTF?

·         Brendan Cooper, Fleishman-Hillard
-- Cooper calls himself "Your friendly digital social media PR, ummm, thingy". He didn't come last year because he thought he'd have to pay to get in. But on his blog he's boasting about "blagging" a ticket to work on the registration desk tomorrow night. So here, to entertain you, is an extract from one of Cooper's recent posts:

This year, the focus of thousands of bloggers from around the world is on poverty.

There are plenty of statistics on global poverty, and you can see many excellent posts on the Blog Action Day site. But what does poverty actually mean?

Poverty can take many forms. Today, for example, I’ve been intending to post on the subject all day but found I simply could not find the time to do so. This is poverty of time. . .

Increasingly I also see poverty of relationships. . .


Anonymous said...

Just thought I would add a comment to enlighten all the bloggers out there who have questioned the thinking behind Harman's comment
'if I was launching now etc'

The answer is, he certainly wouldn't launch TWO IT titles e.g. IT Week & Computing, however he may well launch one title taking the best content from each especially if he knew he could make 50% more profit from just the one.
Hence the merging of the two in todays reality.
Hope that clears that one up then.


Brendan said...

OK, ok, so it was all a bit touchy feely but don't forget, I'll be running around biting people tonight so watch out. Keep those kneecaps protected.

Steve Earl said...

Wounded that I have not been considered for this. I have offended hoardes of people and was ranked in the top 10 for worst PR blog by Google within a week of starting out.

What does a chap have to do?

The Flackenhacks said...

Cheers Enlightened. But really: would you launch an IT weekly in print now (or two months ago)?

Of course you wouldn't -- even if there was only one competitor. You'd launch online -- like everyone has in this market since circa. 1999.

50% more profit? Ah, now you're talking... Nothing wrong with that at all. Just so long as we ll agree what the motive force is here. . .

The Flackenhacks said...


What does a chap have to do?

Dunno. Gave up wondering some while ago if you must know. Cosmic ineffable, innit?

Sadly, that admission about yr blog makes you a marked man for next year...