Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Sleeping around at The Flackenhacks

So let's see. At this stage in the game, a ticket to the PR Week Awards will set you back £276.12 including VAT (individual seat without wine). 

Accommodation? If you book online, The Grosvenor House will give you its "best business rate" of £239. No doubt that will secure you a room next to the ice machine and the air conditioning shaft on the 1st floor.

£515 in total. A bargain -- and do remember to buy some of the hotel's stratospherically marked-up Chilean plonk while you're at it.

Only £20 a glass, it will strip the enamel off your pearly whites faster than you can utter "half litre of Nitromors, please, boss".

Here at The Flackenhacks, we believe in doing things differently. Which brings us back to hotels.

There are quite a few of these in and around The Village Underground in Shoreditch. Prices aren’t bad either.

Rock bottom prices are a speciality at Days London Shoreditch. Opened in 2008, it's basic -- but seems OK, with reviewers talking about "really comfortable and modern" rooms.

At Alpha Rooms, they'll sell you a single room for one adult at Days for just £51.85. Better than a kick in the head, we think.

The downside of Days is that it's about 20 minutes walk (1.1 miles) up the Hackney Road from our venue. Bethnal Green underground is a few minutes'  walk away.

By contrast, there's really only one option within stumbling distance of VU. This is the Express By Holiday Inn. They're currently offering a room with twin singles or a double bed for £135.

There's mention of a free breakfast too -- but on the morning after the night before, we suspect you'll be wanting more than the Continental fare that seems to be on offer.

Slightly further (0.4 miles, or 9 minute walk away from our venue) is 196 Bishopsgate. This is one of those mysterious executive apartment places.

 They do a studio apartment (two people) for £188. Or an "executive two bedroom apartment" (sleeping four) for £299.

Worth checking out the bed configuration in advance, we'd suggest. Their website is here. . . 

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Anonymous said...

Can you throw in a free room with the Muncaster listing on eBay?