Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Flackenhack Award Categories: Part 3

Thanks for the nominations we've received so far. Some look very promising. . . Funny even.

A further package of awards categories has appeared beneath the gooseberry bush. . . Any suggestion that the judges have already arrived at a decision about the category labeled "most hyped new business of the year" is scurrillous and will attract the attention of our most learned friends. You have been warned.

Loyalty to dead media formats

Stop crying…you'll make all the pages go soggy. This one's the opposite to the muppet above. Can't quite bring himself to believe that the printing press's day has come; that paper's about as fashionable as a career in investment banking. Get over it grandpa. We all have.


Most hyped new business of the year

PR Weak called it 'the most sought-after retainer of the year' (arguably). Was it bollocks.


Rebrand of the year

Company in trouble? Call it something else…nobody will ever guess. Product not selling? Give it a new name…that'll boost sales. Do they think we're stupid? No, they don't think it. The research said so.


Bandwagon jump of the year

Green washing? Crunch washing? Shaky Olympic tie-ins? There's always unashamed hype-surfing happening in the PR industry. Who's had the most blatant crack at it in 2008?

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