Wednesday, 22 October 2008

C'mon you lot

Boys and girls, we need to talk.

We've now got nine hacks up for auction. Some of these auctions will be ending in a day or so. But only two of the auctions have bids.

At this point, we're going to get serious with you for a minute. You bloody well know that Byte Night is a worthy cause. And it's not as if we're asking for thousands -- or even hundreds -- of pounds. You don't even need a pressing business case to make a bid. (Well, we hope not. . . )

Yep, we know about of that recession malarky. We bored sick of it already.

We've had more than a few conversations with cash-strapped MDs in recent weeks who reckon they can't afford to send any staff to The Flackenhacks. (You want names? Ah, modesty forbids. Thus far, anyway. But if enough of the buggers snaffle up for themselves the small number of complimentary tickets being offered by our sponsors, we might change our tune. . .)

But really. . . can your corporate coffers not accomodate just a few more trifling bids on EBay?

Ferchrissakes, the folks at Spark, Johnson King, Escherman and Switch Communications have made some sterling bids so far. Plus some others we can't quite identify from their EBay handles. Thanks to them.

As for the rest of you: you really don't have to dig deep. Shallow will do. We're talking small beer that could mean a lot to someone less fortunate than yourself.

And we don't mean journalists, either.

C'mon, let's do this thing. . . 

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