Friday, 17 October 2008

Martin Veitch: "I'm stomping over Muncaster and everyone else"

The cream rises to the top, writes Martin Veitch.

We don't know about that. But we are curious about what the editor-in-chief of CIO is promising his bidders in addition to his presence at The Flackenhacks.

Bidding for Veitch's hand has now reached a startling £82. Phil Muncaster is on £56.00.

At IDG, Veitch has taken to emailing his colleagues proclaiming his popularity. Unseemly, we'd say.

Anyway: one of Veitch's colleagues, IDG Newswire's Jeremy Kirk, emails us to ask what it takes to get on our auction list.

Nothing, really. Apart from a copper-bottomed temperament. That'll come in handy if no-one bids for you.

Apropos of which. . . Rupert Goodwins: blimey. What can we say? Sill stuck on £19.99. (Can this be right? The man is an editor, a radio enthusiast and he's fine company too. . . We're frankly mystified.)

Still, at least Goodwins will be coming to the party, courtesy of a face-saving bid from Andy Smith, who has been Twittering away contently about his opportunism this afternoon. Careful, mate, you might be outflanked by a couple of lurkers who are watching Goodwins' spot price.

What can we say about Messrs McCue, Dempsey, Glick and Dye? No bids for them at present. Still, it's early doors, admittedly...


Anonymous said...

I have no doubt that there will be a tsunami of bidding for Rupert over the weekend.

Charles said...

Curses. I would love to help raise some dosh but I really can't make that week - it's half-term.

Charles Arthur

Anonymous said...

Cream is not the only thing that floats