Thursday, 9 October 2008

Flackenhack Award Categories: Part I

Theo found these under a gooseberry bush in the backyard. So cratch your head, have a think, sharpen that pencil -- and let us have your nominations. Forthwith! 

You can do so in the form of a comment, anonymously if you prefer. Elsewise, feel free to drop us an email at theflackenhacks [AT]

We'll be releasing more categories on Monday -- followed by a throughly needed update on how our preparations for these mighty awards are proceeding.

More anon. . .

PR Agency of the Year

Has a more prestigious title ever been awarded to a member of the UK technology PR industry than The Flackenhack Awards PR Agency of the Year? Why yes, of course it has. Look what happened to Patrick Smith, MD of last year's winner Sonus PR. He's now a freelancer. The lesson is clear. If you work in an agency and want to see the back of the boss, you'd better nominate your employer.

Tech hack of the year (freelance)

Dan Ilett picked up last year's gong and can't stop banging on about it. So we need someone else to take the wind from his sails. Unless he wins again, in which case he'll be utterly insufferable. Let us know the name of the hard-working freelancer who'd you like to see lugging a lump of cheap plastic home in the early hours of October 30th.

Tech hack of the year (staff)

Bookies have Phil Muncaster as odds-on favourite to repeat his success of a year ago. But then we've also heard of a sharp-haired young man making repeat visits to a particular Soho turf accountant. Dodginess? You decide. And nominate someone while you're at it.

Biggest fuck up

Who got it wrongest of the wrong this year? Who showed Hillary Clintonesque levels of ineptitude in sensitivity to public sentiment? Who demonstrated Brown-like skills in backtracking? Who slipped up like a Terry in a Moscow penalty area? Enough! Give us your no.1 norse up in 2008.

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