Wednesday, 15 October 2008

EBay update -- Muncaster takes the lead: ignition trouble for Spark?

Oooh-errr missus.

Signs of life on Ebay, where we are auctioning off the right to invite hacks to The Flackenhacks. (Low start, 50% goes to Byte Night -- you know the score.)

Just a moment ago, Phil Muncaster of Vnunet/Computing sent us a missive bemoaning the fact that someone has bid more for Rupert Goodwins than for him. 

What outrage is this?? I am officially less popular than Goodwins?
That hurts man, that hurts....

It must have taken a while to get to us. As we write, the bidding for Muncaster's hand has risen to £31.00. That's courtesy of a lively tussle between Spark Communications and "doran321".

Goodwins? He's languishing at the start price of £19.99. But at least someone has bid for him. Andrew Smith of Escherman has nipped in with an offer.

Martin Veitch of CIO magazine has gotten off the blocks, too. Bidding for the right to squire the suave northerner is led by "leoking1981".

It looks like this is working. We'll get another batch of hacks up there sharpish. 

Quick thought: if anyone is on the phone to Charles Arthur this afternoon, can you remember to ask him if he'd like to sold off too? We're looking forrard to that 'un.


Anonymous said...

"What outrage is this?? That hurts man, that hurts...."

Don't listen to a word of this pity-mongering.

Who else is going to go up then?

Anonymous said...

Whens Rob Kerr up for sale, I'm going to bid for the romantic '20 pints with Rob' evening...


Spark said...

Never let it be said that the folks here at Spark aren't up for a lively tussle or two.

Especially where lil' ol' Phil is concerned, nudge nudge, wink wink.

eric said...

Why the bias towards employed journalists? These fat cats can afford their own ticket. It is the freelance (otherwise known as the unemployed or unemployable) who need the assistance. Must we always be the disadvantaged of the IT press, forever fated to press our noses against the window of life to watch others feasting on the caviar of privilege while we drown and choke in our florid prose outside?

Surely we should be auctioned on e-Bay instead like the impoverished slaves theat we are?

The Flackenhacks said...


You're right. We've been a bit tarty. Send us an email and we'll stick you up there. With Rob Kerr. Nice.

eric said...

By all means put me up there. I have years of practice in abusing expense accounts as a freeloader... er freelancer. I love the anonymous comment signed Pietro - now who could that be?