Thursday, 16 October 2008

EBay auctions: More to come

Mark Samuels (ex-Computing, now editor of CIO Connect) is up and running on EBay.

Coming up very soon (ie: tomorrow): Mark Dye, Dan Ilett, Andy McCue, Michael Dempsey and. . . oooooohh yes, Rob Kerr.

Mike Magee tells us that he can't make it on the 29th. He's in Hyderabad. Or somesuch. Sorry, Mr Palmer: you'll have to find someone else to spend your lucre on.

Separately (honest). . . we're sworn to secrecy about the hack who gave us permission to auction him off, complete with an image of himelf naked. Oddly, his bosses objected, and we had to pull the auction.

Got requests? Stick 'em in the comments. Thanks y'all...

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