Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Hustle, hustle: Coming down to the wire

Paul Doran of Switch Communications has become a Friend Of Theo. Thanks mate.

And we've recruited three fine people to look after registrations on the night: Alex Pullin (of Rocket Communications), Laura Lynne (of Trimedia) and Kim Hollingdale (of NEC). Thanks for the offer of assistance, y'all.

Space for one more, we reckon. Any takers? (No, not you Whitehurst. Didn't the careers advisory service mention that you lack the social skills for a front of house job?)

Update on EBay auctions: Charles Arthur of The Guardian can't make it. Yeah, sad, we're crying into our soup. . . But check this out: Phil Muncaster finished on £86.00 and Martin Veitch crawled across the line at £82.00.

Rupert Goodwins (what the hell is going on here?) finished on £19.99. Sheesh. Have you lot got no taste?

Anyway: currently up for sale -- Andy McCue, Mark Samuels, Bryan Glick, Michael Dempsey, Mark Dye and Jeremy Kirk. (We called Bryan this morning. He's getting nervous that bidding hasn't got off the ground. Can anyone help?)

We're hoping to pop a few more maestros up for sale shortly. Oh, yes, and then there's the question of what to do with Eric Doyle and Rob Kerr.

To be honest, we're scared that Doyle and Kerr will clean us out of pies. And when we tried to compute the alcohol liability, our calculator flashed up: ERROR.

Will anyone bid the £300+ we'll require to break even on their tickets? Brother and sisters, all creative suggestions welcomed.


bridget fishleigh said...

Howdy guys - I know at least 6 freelancing from home PR mums who would have loved to come and join the party but it's half term next week so we are juggling big time - which means pretending we're working in the day when really we're down the park and then burning the midnight oil in the evenings. I can see your hearts bleeding...cheers. bridget.

The Flackenhacks said...


That's you lot and Charles Arthur, then. (He's staying in because it's half term, too.)

Fair point, we think.

Old people who make a habit of visiting the park should be able to come to The Flackenhacks, too.

So next year we'll work around the school holidays. State school holidays, that is. . .