Monday, 9 June 2008

Calling all Flackenhacks: Soho Social, 9 July 2008

TWL isn’t back.  But The Flackenhack Awards are.  Or at least that’s the plan.

Yep, after the storming success of last year’s awards we thought we’d have another go.  Well, Peter Kirwan of Fullrun did and he can’t do it on his own so he’s roped us in.

We thought that a good first step would be to convene a meeting to scope out the parameters of this year’s event.  Perhaps we could develop a framework within which to execute?  A face-to-face interaction would be our preferred strategy for achieving our initial objectives.

So we’re going down the pub to discuss.  Wednesday 9th July, the Dog & Duck on Bateman Street from about 7.00pm.  If you fancy sponsoring this year’s awards, or helping to organise them or just attending, then join us for a beer.  We’re interested in any thoughts on how it might be bigger and even better in 2008.

I’m afraid you’ll have to finance your own drinks unless you’re a prospective sponsor…or turn up with a trophy from last year’s awards (genuine mind…not a cheap copy.  If that were in any way possible).

 Over and out.