Friday, 17 October 2008

Food at The Flackenhacks. . .

We've upped the ante on food this year.

Pieminister, a Bristol-based start-up, is going to furnish us with its Pie Pod. This lovely little vehicle will be dispensing pies, mash and gravy at The Flackenhacks. We'll be laying out some big long tables so that you can all sit down, eat and chat.

You can forget about Pukka Pies and the like. Pieminister will be serving up some top-of-the-range stuff, as follows:

The Matador Pie -- Beef, chorizo, olives butter beans and sherry

The Chicken of Aragon Pie -- Free range chicken, tarragon, smoky bacon, vermouth

The Heidi Pie (Vegetarian): Goats cheese, sweet potato, spinach, roasted garlic.

Plus mashed potato and gravy.

The small print contains all of the good stuff you'd want to see: full traceability of all food, free range meat and eggs, use of local suppliers etc etc.

Nice people, good food: we reckon you like 'em both…

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