Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The Shortlist: Part 1

1) PR agency of the year

No shortlist for this one. Just one winner. You'll find out who tomorrow night.

2) Tech hack of the year -- freelance

·         Jessica Twentyman
-- Murinho reversed (kind of): Britain's loss, Portugal's gain

·         Danny Bradbury
-- You lot like Mr Bradbury. A lot.

·         Nick Booth
-- "Damn fine writer, full of great story ideas and always up for a laugh." And did we mention boxing?

3) Tech hack of the year -- staff

·         Chris Williams (The Register)
-- Excellent run of exclusives on Phorm. A bit polemical. But so what? 

·         Martin Veitch (CIO)
-- For services to magazine editing. Worth £200 to Mike King.

·         Charles Arthur & Michael Cross -- Technology Guardian
-- Free Our Data: So good, HM Govt sikked lobbyists on the authors

4) Biggest fuck-up

 ·         O2 PR calls Register readers "a bunch of techie nerds"
-- It might be true, but take your elbow off the redial button, mate

·         Bloomberg News: Steve Jobs is dead
-- Er, sorry about that.

·         John Browett, CEO, DSG: "We're not a retail disaster in an absolute sense"
-- So how do you feel about things in relative terms, John?

·         Shiny Media co-founder tells TechCrunch it's sooo hard to be a start-up
-- . . . and then loads of critics line up to tell him his sites were crap

·         Reed Elsevier decides to sell off Computer Weekly amid Great Depression Mk.II
-- MiniMag (Ministry of Magazines) staff now so totally alienated that it'll be a nightmare whether or not the deal succeeds. 

·         Microsoft: The Gates/Sienfeld ads
-- Delusional creatives from half-witted Mad Men in Florida. Do we need a link for this one? Nah. . .

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