Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Rob Kerr: Tight prop head demands to be served

That Rob Kerr's been on again. He really does want to be auctioned off.

This all started a week ago, when The Man Himself got in touch and suggested we auction a ticket for him plus the added attraction of "a (separate) night or day of heavy drinking" in his company.

The latter, Kerr suggested, might result in his host experiencing "a spell in hospital" and a "lengthy period of recovery in The Priory".

With this missive, Kerr sent us the pic appended to this post, plus several more.

Now, seven days later, he sounds a bit irritated by our inaction. And pissed off by our jibe that we'd need to raise £300 in an auction to cover the cost of his pie-and-booze consumption at The Flackenhacks.

Here's what he's saying now:
It's probably better to have me on your side than not :)

Do you really want to upset and turn away the voice of Brian Blessed?
For good measure, Kerr adds that his physique is the way it is because he plays tight head prop for London Scottish.

. . . We know when we're beat. Kerr is going upon EBay tomorrow -- with a reserve price of £250 on his head. Don't say you weren't warned.

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Anonymous said...

being a hooker, I admire Rob's physique and hope to be spending the night with him! :-)