Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Last minute things (including a 3-ton ice cream van)

Righty-ho. We're just getting ready to head off to the venue, where a 3-ton ice cream truck will be arriving at 3pm. Yeah, we're hoping it'll make it down the ramps on to the floor... Fingers crossed...

What's been happening?
  • Steve Earl from Rainier PR has just booked a ticket. He's asking that we keep all the horrid PR people away from this year's event. Sorry, mate, it's a bit late for that. 250 of them have their compasses fixed on Shoreditch tonight...

  • eBay bidding
-- Martin Veitch: £200
-- Phil Muncaster: £86.00
-- Gordon Kelly: £86.00 (ongoing)
-- Eric Doyle: £50.00
-- David Meyer: £36.00
-- Mark Dye: £36.00
-- Bryan Glick: £30.99
-- Mark Samuels: £26.00
-- Rob Kerr: £26.00
-- Jeremy Kirk: £26.00
-- Mike Dempsey: £19.99
-- Rupert Goodwins: £19.99
-- Andy McCue: £19.99
-- Tim Phillips: £19.99 (ongoing)

  • Dress code
-- We keep getting people asking us this. There isn't a dress code. Come as you are. . .

  • Ticket sales
-- They stop at 1pm today. No ticket sales on the door (really -- it will just hold everything up...). If your name ain't on the guest list by 1pm, Brendan Cooper of Fleishman-Hillard will deny you entry.
  • Er, that's about it. See you lot at 7.30.  We're off to buy in some more wine. Just in case. . .


Brendan said...

Having been nominated for the 'Wank 2.0: User-generated twat' category makes me only keener to be absolutely firm about who is allowed in - regardless of whether or not they're actually on the list.

Gordon said...

£1 to beat the Muncaster... bid people, bid!