Tuesday, 16 October 2007

The shortlists...

OK, here's the moment that some of you might have been waiting for. Or not. It kind of depends on the category. Anyway, here are the shortlists for The Flackenhack Awards 2007. There are a couple of categories missing...we have our reasons. Further explanation on the big night itself.

If you've been nominated and, as yet, haven't arranged to attend the event, drop us a line at theworldsleading@yahoo.co.uk and we'll sort you out.

Best Result In The Face of Adversity
BT: For extremely shrewd handling of the emerging debate on network neutrality and broadband capacity limits
Edelman: For its successful launch of the dot.mobi domain on the day the FT ran a front page story with the headline: “Arrival of 'dotmobi' domain raises concerns’ and which in just over 400 words slated the company
Hugh MacLeod/Microsoft/Stormhoek: For sticking a year-old cartoon on a bottle of South African plonk that you can’t even buy and persuading the FT to devote half a sodding page of editorial to it

Most Valuable Piece Of Coverage
Omnifone: For the pre-3GSM launch of MusicStation
Context PR: For the three and a half minutes of work (backed by 15 years of experience, obviously) that he put in to arranging an interview between his client, SurfControl, and a Reuters hack, which resulted in more than 30 pieces of top quality coverage across the globe
Donald MacDonald: For the British-born Intel marketer's interview with hometown newspaper The Swindon Advertiser, which took place as his company planned huge job cuts in October 2006

The Fair Cop Award For Biggest Fuck Up
Brando: For its meaning of Easter cock-up for Somerfield
Google: For its incredible exploding European Press Day in June

The Hack Award For Tech PR Agency Of The Year

The Flack Award For Staff Hack Of The Year
Phil Muncaster, IT Week
Rik Turner, Computerwire
Chris Green, IT Pro

The Flack Award For Freelance Hack Of The Year
Danny Bradbury
Ken Young
Dan Ilett
Miya Knights

Consumer Tech Publication Of The Year
Tech Digest
Guardian Technology

Business Tech Publication Of The Year
The Register
IT Week

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