Tuesday, 9 October 2007

A few things: Taffeta ballgowns, seating etc

A couple of people have asked about The Flackenhacks dress code.

There isn't one.

As TWL puts it: "Come as you might for a night down the pub. Or for a party. Or straight from work. A dinner suit would probably be over doing things and fancy dress might stand out a bit."

And another thing.

A couple of people have asked whether they can get a table near the front.

We're not doing tables -- at least in the sit-down-for-a-lump-of-rubber-poultry sense of the word.

There will be plenty of spots where you can lounge about, sit down and generally hang out.

But the accent is on moving around, having a chat, catching up with old friends. And maybe making some new ones, too. In other words: informal. . .

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