Monday, 1 October 2007

Our Tech Blogger Face-Off

Next topic of gentle conversation is our Tech Blogger Face-Off.

We'll be inviting along a bunch of the world's leading tech PR bloggers to write up the awards in real time. . . at least during the early bits.

Or until they fall off their perches. Whichever comes soonest.

You're welcome to drop into The Flackenhacks' Demilitarized Zone and pick a fight with them. Or, as we suggest below, why not try stroking their multi-coloured fur?

(Demilitarized Zone? Yes, it's our version of the dreaded Ch*** O** place that often attracts old folks in clubland.)

Stephen Davies of WebITPR, Fiona Blamey of Prompt PR and Andrew Smith of Object Marketing have agreed to take up the cudgels.

And there will be more. Our hit list contains Benvie, Bruce, Collister -- and a few more besides.

If you want to come along and blog, you don't need to be an A-lister. You just need a blog. Do us a favour, though, and drop us a line in advance. . .

. . . oh, and don't forget to prime your mobile with Flickr log-in details. By doing so, you can upload plenty of embarassing pix while your head is in the clouds. Or thereabouts.

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