Tuesday, 9 October 2007

BackAHack @ The Flackenhacks

Ever been too shy to ask someone out?

No, we didn’t think so. You work in PR, after all. Asking people out is what we do.

But perhaps you're feeling, um, a bit spotty. Somehow, you've mislaid that last 10% of habitual self-confidence.. .

The client is spanking you for mentions of Wodgetworks point release v.1.0.1. But all you've got to work with is crap.

Folks, we've got the answer: Back-A-Hack at The Flackenhacks.

It works like this:

Step 1: You invite the hack of your choice to The Flackenhacks.

Step 2: They say: "Why yes, I'd love to come."

Step 3: You buy their ticket.

Step 3: We give you a bit of a touch on their tickets. Like this:

-- 10% off the RRP of £65.00 for one or two Backed Hacks.
-- 20% off for four or more Backed Hacks.

Step 4: And then we let the world know who you've invited so that we don’t all start falling over one another to irritate Peter Whitehead.

Back-A-Hack is a good idea, and here's why:

1) Let's share, baby. If every agency invites one hack, we'll have dozens of them at the event. There will be more to go around for everyone. (Hmm, the dating analogy starts getting decidedly dodgy at this point).

2) It should enable you to tell your boss that you're going to The Flackenhacks -- but reluctantly. As it happens, you're going for work purposes. The next step in this particular line of reasoning is to argue that the cost of 20 Flackenhacks tickets should be run through the training budget. . . Nice one.

In the end, we're intent upon throwing a good party. We think hacks should be part of it -- but we've only got so many free invites to give 'em…

Interested in Backing A Hack at The Flackenhacks? If so, drop us a line. . .

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