Monday, 1 October 2007

Flackenhacks: The Running Order

So guys. . . here's an update on ticket sales.

One hundred and forty tickets sold thus far. And counting.

So we're on track for a glorious night. . .

Here's our timetable for the evening. We've got a few more things up our collective sleeve depending on how ticket sales pan out during the remaining three weeks until the event.

So this is approximate, but confirmed:

7.30: Doors open
-- Discreet Prosecco-guzzling and lounge sounds.

8.00 Tech PR Blogger Face-Off: Open For Business
-- Watch (and taunt) the community's A-list bloggers as they file live from the party.
-- Stroke their multi-coloured fur in our Blogger Chill Out Zone.
-- Wanna blog from the Flackenhacks? Just join the queue before drink takes over. *

8.15: The Flackenhack Awards 2007
-- Presented by your compere Paul Wooding of Weber Shandwick, esteemed understudy to Bernard Manning Esq., late of Manchester's Harpurhey quarter. With some very special guests . . .
-- Security Alert Status: In Dulux terms, Amber Forest 4.

10.00 Hang The DJ
-- John Ozimek of Chomp (and late of the Ministry of Sound) takes his turn on the wheel of fortune. Apparently, his noise levels will be acceptable. But can he induce an audience of exhausted and drunken screen zombies to dance? We think yes.

10.07 Tech PR Blogger Face-Off: Closed For Business
-- Last A-list blogger falls off perch. Guaranteed.
-- Personal Security Alert Status: Flaming Orange. Carriage of gels prohibited.

11.30 Er, Carriages
-- What this means is taxis for the bosses. And, yeah, the last tube for those of you who have had enough.

12.00 The World's Leading Guide To High-Class Clubbing
-- Can you identify the (necessarily) Masked Avengers and join them on a "louche" tour of London's finest nite spots? The password, in case you need it, is: "Rupert Goodwins".
-- Personal Security Alert Status: Multicoloured and pulsating rapidly. Proceed with caution.

* No, you won't need all of that temperamental wi-fi malarky. We've got four PCs with fast connections on the premises. All you need to do is get the A-listers to move their butts.


PaulW said...

Not sure what the criteria is for a Googlewhack...but if you put "Harpurhey quarter" into Google (have to use the speech marks) you only get one result...which is the Flackenhacks post. Good work.

Anonymous said...

How can I put this? Have you, sort of, you know, got much on at the moment?

In the way of new business, I mean. You sound ever so busy.