Monday, 8 September 2008

Grab a Flackenhacks hack ticket

Grab a Flackenhack hack ticket...

Two members of The Flackenhack Awards 2008 organising committee gathered the other night for a Kronenbourg-fuelled brainstorm around some of the important bits of this year's do. One subject that came up was tickets for hacks, and how to handle them.

Now, bless 'em, our friends in the media aren't used to buying themselves tickets for industry events. But we think that having as many hacks along to the event as we can possibly manage is quite least that's what feedback from last year's awards told us.

Thing is, we can't just chuck them all a freebie 'cause it will cost us a fortune. Those hacks might have deep pockets and short arms, but they can certainly reach the bar...

So, we've had an idea. And we think it's a cracker.

On the way to the pub, we found a pretty comprehensive UK IT media list that someone had left on the tube.

Not sure who. Bite perhaps. Or Rainier (who have a history of that sort of thing). Anyway, no matter. It looks up to date. So, what we're going to do is this.

We're going to stick a Flackenhacks ticket for each of the hacks listed on eBay! And then we'd like you lot – the great and the good of the UK tech PR agency world – to bid for them.

As an incentive to bid (and to give this at least a veneer of respectability) we'll be donating 50% of the money raised through the auctions to Byte Night.

Starting price will be low, obviously, but who knows how high it might get for the more popular hacks, eh?

We're also a bit curious about which hacks' tickets are going to remain unsold at auction end. . .

Perhaps we'll need to publish a Hack Popularity Index after the auction.

It goes without saying that hacks are more than welcome to bid for their own tickets, obviously -- although we don’t expect a lot of that to go on.

From next Wednesday, therefore, if you go here, you'll see who is for sale. As it were. . .

Happy bidding!

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